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Restoration and Extension of the Gabroveni Inn, Bucharest

Composite render
Composite render
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2009Competition Restoration and Extension of the Gabroveni Inn, Bucharest

2009 / Competition / Restoration and Extension of the Gabroveni Inn, Bucharest

Location: Bucharest, Romania
Project Status: Competition
Architecture: E+EA – Mihai Ene, Adela Ene, Stefan Cristescu
Structure: Profesional Construct – Paul Ioan
Client: Bucharest City Council
Surface: –
Period: 2009
Renders: E+EA

The architectural competition for the restoration, extension and remodeling of the Gabroveni Inn is one of the rare opportunities to access a work of significant architectural complexity. Both the different types of competencies an architect can master, as well as the architectural sensitivity, are tested. Our intention is to give a refined response to an extremely complicated situation. Discretion and respect for a building in difficulty guided us from the very beginning in an attempt to create a homogeneous architectural object, despite the old – new, existing, duality. We defined out this goal from the start – the unitary object – is the key in which we wanted our proposal to be read. A type of unity obtained by decrypting the essence of the inn and using the information thus obtained in the configuration of the new architecture, refusing pastiche, the mimetic and superficial acquisition of the existing epidermal elements. A contemporary architecture with a reserved and respectful expression in relation the valuable historical context, but with a distinct and discreet identity.