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Shinkenchiku International Residential Design Competition 1994

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1994Competition Shinkenchiku International Residential Design Competition 1994

1994 / Competition / Shinkenchiku International Residential Design Competition 1994

Third place

Location: –
Project Status: Competition
Architecture: Mihai Ene, Adela Ene, Radu Robert Patzelt
Structure: –
Judge: Fumihiko Maki
Client: Shinkenchiku-sha
Surface: –
Period: 1994
Renders: Radu Robert Patzelt

1. PARASITE is a house (organism) capable of using certain vertical surfaces which are considered unusable in the context of the crowded contemporary city. PARASITE uses the structure of the conquered building, at the same time penetrating its electrical, water and waste disposal systems, thus being totally dependent on the bearing house. It may represent an alternative dwelling defined by a great mobility due to the ease of installation and disassembly.
2. PARASITE is also a communication instrument. By means of sophisticated technology its exterior surface can be transformed into a HDTV screen which is connected to computers and other equipment found in the workspace on the first floor. All this permits the owner to make known his ideas in a visual form (video art, commercial information, publicity campaigns). Therefore the workspace becomes of greater importance than the actual living space which is restrained to minimal surfaces.